Welcome to Ivy & Normanton

Ivy & Normanton is the first legal outfitter dedicated to courtwear for women. Our designs have been created with advocates' day-to-day experience in mind to provide products that emphasize comfort, quality and fit. We are invested in the growth of the legal profession and encourage all women who attend court to do so with confidence.

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"Received my beautiful Ivy and Normanton collarettes. So wonderfully made and designed. FINALLY ladies at the Bar won't have to feel like they're wearing a grotty serviette tucked down their top all day."  - Phoebe Bragg

"First day physically back in court today. I'd be nervous, but for the fact that it means I get to try out my new @IvyandNormanton FITTED shirt - as a result of which I'll be arriving two hours early and exuberantly parading the corridors." - Harriet Johnson

"My @IvyandNormanton collarettes just arrived! Marvellous. They actually fit properly, tucking down under a jacket. And poppers rather than hair-trapping velcro at the neck fastening." - Felicity McMahon