Collection: Hathaway Botanical Scarves Collection







HATHAWAY is ‘a mother daughter project.' A creative collaboration between a mother and her two daughters. Lyn Hathaway is a botanical artist, an expert in combining traditional and scientifically accurate botanical art techniques with contemporary compositional ideas. She draws inspiration from the plant world, delighting in portraying its infinite details. With a vision to create luxurious pieces made from natural and innovative plant-based textiles, Lyn’s two daughters - Sera, a London based fashion designer and Louise a plant biologist and fellow creative, all collaborated to launch HATHAWAY.“We create pieces which not only beautifully showcase our mothers artwork but create pieces made to the highest standards so they can be treasured for years to come - Mum’s artistic creations bring a certain sense of wonder into the world, capturing a unique essence of plant life - to share it with you and let others feel uplifted by her work is such a pleasure ” - Sera HATHAWAY Scarves are the ideal way to add a touch of elegance and contemporary edge to any style. Handmade in England or Como, Italy each piece is created in very limited-runs, made of the finest natural fabrics including organic silks and silk wool blends.