Our Guide To Court Dress

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to court dress for those in the legal profession. Our instructional How-To videos, presented by Founder Karlia Lykourgou, demonstrate the proper techniques for wearing wing collars, collarettes, wigs and other essential courtroom accessories.

Whether you’re a barrister, solicitor, clerk, or judge, you can rely on our clothing range to provide you with court attire that will set you apart.

1. How To Dress For Court And For Call

Your Call ceremony is your first dress rehearsal - the moment you finally put on the costume of a barrister and get called to the Bar. Here we talk through the different options of garments that men and women can wear to court.

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2. How To Attach A Day Collar For Court

A Day Collar is detachable and can be added to a tunic shirt to create a smarter look when you're travelling to court or in a conference with clients afterwards. Our instructional video demonstrates how to attach a day collar over a tunic shirt.

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3. How To Attach A Wing Collar For Court

Wing Collars are an essential part of a barrister's legal attire when attending court. Karlia demonstrates how to wear a wing collar if you're attaching it to a tunic shirt to create a smart, professional and practical look for court.

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4. How To Measure For A Collarette

We have taken the humble collarette and made it a thing of beauty with intricate lace designs and a variety of styles. Our How-To video demonstrates the best way to measure your neck for one of our collarettes, to ensure comfort and ease.

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5. How To Put On The Collarette For Court

Collarettes are a court staple for women in the legal profession. They work well underneath suit jackets to keep you comfortable and stylish too. Karlia shows us how to put on a collarette in 3 simple steps to get you ready for court.

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6. How To Attach Bands

Bands are a formal accessory to add to your shirt and collar to finish off your court look. In our instructional video, Karlia demonstrates how to attach some bands to a wing collar shirt or a tunic shirt with a wing collar attached.

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7. How To Measure A Wig For Court

The wearing of wigs in UK courts dates back to the 17th century. An essential part of a barrister's uniform to this day, our how-to video shows you how to measure your head properly for a wig, so it's well-fitting and comfortable.

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