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In May 1922 Ivy Williams became the first woman to be called to the Bar of England and Wales. In November 1922 Helena Normanton became the second woman to be called to the Bar and the first woman to practice there.

The profession has changed since Ivy and Helena first joined, but the shirts and collars they wore have remained much the same.

Ivy & Normanton is the first legal outfitter specialising in legal attire for women. It was founded by Karlia Lykourgou, a criminal barrister who launched the company in 2020 after observing female colleagues pinning collarettes to their tops to stop them riding up under suit jackets.

Ivy & Normanton has received a warm reception from the legal profession, with a range that emphasizes comfort, quality and fit. The fact it was designed with advocates’ day-to-day experience in mind, has made it easier for women to dress comfortably and elegantly for court.

We are invested in the growth of the legal profession and encourage all women who attend court to do so with confidence.

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