Wig and Gown Hire

We offer wig and gown hire for barristers based in London, UK.
Our service is easy to arrange and includes convenient courier delivery of your order and pick-up at the conclusion of the rental.
Whether you require legal attire for your call ceremony, a photoshoot, or on a temporary basis because your ordinary legal attire is unavailable, please feel free to get in touch to see how we can assist.
The Call ceremony is a very special moment when a student finally becomes a member of the Bar and gets to celebrate their hard-earned achievement.
It's a wonderful experience for callees and a very proud moment for their families.
We appreciate a number of Call ceremonies are being held online due to Covid but we would like to make sure your day is still special and you get to capture the moment with photos at home.
Ivy & Normanton are able to offer legal dress rental so you can get called the way you imagined.

 Our service includes:

Wig and gown hire
Our service cost:
- £50/ day 
- A £200 deposit which will be refunded within 3 days of return. 
- Approximately £30
Your order will be delivered and picked up from your home. At the moment the service is limited to London and the cost may increase depending on where you are located.
To Book
To obtain a final quote and book your  order email us at info@ivyandnormanton.com