How to put on a Collarette for court

how to put on a collarette for court

Ivy and Normanton have a wide range of collarettes, which are designed to sit under your suit jacket. This article runs you through how to put a collarette on in the easiest way.

It's best to do this in front of a mirror so you can see what you're doing. Take your collarette and swing it behind you because it's easier to start backwards. Then line up the velcro pieces at the collar, then reach in and close the poppers, and then turn your collar around.

Next take the side strings for the back and the front and tie them together, not too loose or too tight.

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Pull down and straighten up your collarette and then you're ready for your suit jacket, your gown, and your wig and you're ready for court.

You can watch our video run-through of how to put on a collarette, here>


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