How to attach bands

how to attach bands to a collar

This article talks you through how to attach bands to a wing collar shirt or a tunic shirt with a wing collar attached.

The first thing to do is to take your bands and place them centrally between the two wings of your wing collar, and then you take the two strings of your bands and you cross them over the back of your wing collar and then pull them underneath the two flaps of your bands, and if they're long enough you tie them in a bow.

how to attach bands - a video guide

And then once you've done your bow you put the flaps over the top, and tuck it away so you can't really see the the bow, as seen below.

learn how to attach bands

If your strings are a little short then you can instead simply tie your bands and a bow at the back and just tuck them underneath your suit jacket. But the effect is basically the same.

how to attach bands for court and call

The important thing is that your bands are central under your wing collar. And that is how you attach some bands to a wing collar. 

You can watch our video run-through of this method here>


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