How to attach a day collar to a tunic shirt

how to attach a day collar

Let us talk you through how to attach a day collar to a tunic shirt. Tunic shirts can be worn three ways - on its own with a stand-up collar, or with a wing collar and bands for court, or with a day collar when you're traveling to court or in a conference with clients afterward.

The first thing to know about your day collar is that it has three holes, one in the centre and one on either side. Your tunic shirt has two holes at the front and the Ivy and Normanton tunic shirt has one at the back for your wing collar on the outside and one on the inside for your day collar.

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These items are attached together with studs that have a curved top and a flat bottom. Typically the curved top is the one that goes through the hole and the flat bottom is the one that's worn closest to your neck.

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You start by pushing the curved top of the pin through the centre of your day collar, and then you take your day collar and attach it through the centre of the inside hole of your tunic shirt. Then you take each side of the day collar and tuck it around the inside of your tunic shirt.

how to attach a day collar for court

At this point you have a choice, you can attach both sides of your day collar and the tunic shirt together with one pin and wear the item with a tie, or you can take two pins and push them through both sides of your collar and tunic shirt and wear it open. To do the latter, you take your pin and firstly push it through your day collar on one side and through the tunic shirt on one side like so and then you do the same on the other side. And then you're done. 

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You can watch our video run-through on how to attach a day collar here>


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