"#PassItOn" Junior Gowns

At Ivy & Normanton we understand the challenges that come with a career at the Bar. That's why we're passionate about supporting new barristers and sharing resources from one generation to the next.

Our "#PassItOn" initiative empowers pupils and aspiring barristers by redistributing junior gowns donated by senior barristers who want to support juniors struggling to enter the profession.

Together, we can make a meaningful difference to someone's journey at the Bar.


 How It Works

Silks and legal professionals who are looking to pass on their junior gown or contribute to the journey of a newcomer are invited to participate. Simply send your gown, or a purchased gown, to the following address:

FAO: Karlia Lykourgou
Doughty Street Chambers
54 Doughty St, 

(While we aim to provide our own gowns in the future, for now, you have the option to purchase one from another retailer.)

Feel free to include a note along with the gown offering best wishes or sharing some pearls of wisdom with the new owner. We accept gowns in any condition, as we believe every contribution is valuable.


Requesting a Junior Gown

If you would like to apply for a junior gown please fill out this form and email it to  info@ivyandnormanton.com

*Please note our next round of applications will be announced in May with distribution of gowns expected in September.*


Selection Criteria

To make the process as fair as possible, we have taken into account the limited number of gowns available and varying levels of requirement. We welcome applications from Bar students with and without a pupillage from any background, but are likely to prioritize those who are most in need financially and require a gown most urgently.