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Junior Legal Gown Raffle Ticket

Junior Legal Gown Raffle Ticket

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Being called as Queens Counsel is a very special event marked by the taking of "Silk" i.e. a silk court gown - meaning new QC's no longer require their junior gowns.

Ivy & Normanton have collected twelve junior gowns worn by some of the most successful members of the Bar on their journey to silk. They have been kindly donated to help ease the cost of those entering the profession and to pass on the baton to the next generation. Some of these gowns come with letters from their previous owners offering words of wisdom and encouragement.

We will be distributing these gowns via an online raffle that anyone can enter.


The raffle will be held remotely online.


19th August 2022 at 5.30pm.


We appreciate that entering the legal profession is an expensive process and believe anything that can be done to help alleviate that cost is a good thing.

Limiting waste and passing on second-hand items is one of the few ways the legal industry can positively contribute to the environment.

The proceeds of this raffle will go to the Bar Benevolent Association. This organisation provides financial support to barristers in need including those affected by the Bar's strike action.

If you would like to learn more about the BBA or make an application for assistance, you can do so here:


Before entering the raffle please keep in mind the following:

- The gowns have been donated by both male and female silks and come in a range of sizes. You do not have to identify as female to enter the raffle.

- The limited number of gowns available means it is preferable for people to have a pupillage in place before entering the raffle, but you will not be prevented from purchasing a ticket if you do not have pupillage, it will not affect your chances of winning and you will not be required to provide proof of pupillage before receiving your gown.

- All gowns will be steamed and tidied up, but as second hand garments that have witnessed the cut and thrust of court life in both crime and civil law, they are in various states of repair. Some may be near perfect, others may have tears and stains. Unfortunately Ivy & Normanton cannot cover or contribute to the cost of altering, repairing or cleaning the gowns for their new owners.

- We do not have capacity to provide any further details about the gowns beyond the information set out here.

- You do not have to attend in person to enter the raffle. Winners will be contacted afterwards to arrange collection or delivery of the junior gowns.

- If winners require delivery of these items then there will be a separate cost. Unfortunately we can only arrange delivery to the UK.

- Each gown will be raffled off separately with a raffle ticket selected for each gown.

- Winners do not get to choose their gowns and do not have the option of exchanging them for another gown or an Ivy & Normanton product.

Thank you for entering our raffle and best of luck!

Ivy & Normanton

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